Shipping Policy

Order Processing:

All orders may take at  least 24 to 48 hours to process. Once an order has been processed, it can no  longer be canceled. Orders placed on Friday will be processed the following  Monday. You will receive tracking information from Fedex when your order is  scanned during shipment. In order to avoid communication issues, please allow  your email account to receive emails from and  Fedex. Emails may be sent regarding order status or back order  information.

Backordered/Discontinued Items:

There is a  chance that some items may end up on back order or have been discontinued by  Honda. If this is the case, you will receive an email explaining this  information. A backorder release date will be given if that information is  available. Discontinued items are no longer produced and are not available to us  or any dealer.

Shipping Charges:

Shipping charges may  vary depending on the final weight and size of the item. Larger items require  larger boxes and may qualify as oversized with FedEx. This will increase  shipping charges on your order. Your will be sent an email with an estimate of  the shipping charges.  Your order will not be processed without an approval.  If  you have any questions on which items are considered oversized, please email us  at


All orders will be assessed a  $4.95 handling fee.

Body Parts and Glass:

Certain body parts  and automotive glass are unable to be shipped because their size and risk of  damage during transit. Therefore, we do not offer a shipping option for these  items. These items can be picked up only. Some of these items include bumpers,  hoods, fenders, quarter panels, etc.  If you have any questions about which  items are not available for shipping please send us an email at

Core Charges:

All part numbers with an  (RMD) description carry a core charge because they are remanufactured parts.  This core charge may range anywhere from $30.00 to $250.00 depending on the item  and will be added to the final price of the order. You will be notified of these  charges by email and must approve them before the order can be processed. Core  charges are refunded upon our receipt of the old parts. You must include a copy  of the invoice with the return. Remanufactured parts also have a 3 yr, 36,000  mile warranty. All core returns must be sent to: 

Acura Carland
ATTN:  Internet Parts Dept
3403 Satellite Blvd
Duluth, GA 30096

As of  September 1, 2010 American Honda Motor Company is now requiring all new Acura  wheels starting with a 42700 part number to have a 50.00 core charge. This core  charge will be refunded to the purchaser upon our receipt of the old wheel(s)  being returned to us in its packaging. Wheel(s) being returned must be the same  part number as purchased or core charge cannot be refunded. Core charge will be  added after order is placed. An email confirmation will be sent explaining these  terms and conditions after the order is placed. Orders will not be processed  until we receive approval from the purchaser for the additional charges.